Our history and Projects

We are a company made of people, or to say it better  a family that has created a business.

The eh già was founded in 2012, relying on two main pillars: the knowledge learned over the years in the field of the creation of bags, leather goods, sporting goods;  and the challenge for the creation of unique models for our little friends.

Our products come to life in our factory located in the beautiful Monselice, in the province of Padua. Each phase of production is lead  directly by us in order to satisfy the requests of our customers.

Precisely for this reason, our customers have the opportunity to follow personally  the realization of the product and to customize it with combinations of fabrics chosen together with them, having the possibility to be an integral part of the same creation.

We research and use only the highest quality materials, with the intention of constantly renewing ourselves, to always offer an article that is contemporary without ever losing sight of the attention to comfort and practicality for our small and faithful friends.

Commitment, tenacity, perseverance, imagination and  focus on the consumer are what distinguishes us, and what allows our brand to grow day after day.


Expression of the real made in Italy, our products are expertly designed by whimsical minds, and subsequently made by the expert hands of our trusted seamstresses.

A wide variety of models and colors of bags distinguishes us but not only, our carriers are also versatile, practical and light. For each use we have created a specific model in order to satisfy any request.

Our car igloo is also the spearhead of our collection, a practical ”egg’’ shaped carrier that allows your little friend to travel safely, and can be used, once you reach your destination, even as a comfortable basket. Surely after trying it ,your little one will no longer be able to travel without it.

To these is added a wide range of baskets and pillows that are real furnishing accessories, without ever losing sight of their functionality and practicality.

Made with the highest quality materials, they are designed to last over time and satisfy even the most refined tastes.

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